Page loading speed because of ?

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Page loading speed because of ?Blog, Network

by c0urier on 24-09/2014 with 0 comments

So lately I started noticing pages loading extremely slow if loading at all. When trying to figure out what was delaying the page load I noticed Chrome saying: waiting for, my guess it’s the Facebook like button or something similar. So how do I make the pages load at a decent pace again, well …

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by c0urier on 26-03/2013 with 2 comments

Yes we are jumping up and down and up and down like the Easter bunny trying to get away. I don’t know what else to say, ViaEuropa is still extremely unstable and today is just another such day, where it’s extra bad. My guess is that all the super skilled network technicians at ViaEuropa have …

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Happy new year – 2013!

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Happy new year – 2013!Blog

by c0urier on 01-01/2013 with 0 comments

Better late then never. I would like to wish all users of a happy new year, hope you have all recovered from the bangs and booms and of course from all the alcohol ;). We have had a blasting new year – literally. We had a perfect view over Malmö where we could enjoy …

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Anonymous attacks several Swedish sites

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Anonymous attacks several Swedish sitesBlog, Network

by c0urier on 03-10/2012 with 0 comments

Currently several Swedish government sites are under heavy DDOS by the hacking group Anonymous. The reason for the attacks is the recent raid of the Swedish hosting company PRQ that used to host several torrents sites including TPB. Anonymous had previously warned that they would attack the Swedish national bank at 21 GMT (23 Swedish …

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Small issues during improvements – Sorry ;)

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Small issues during improvements – Sorry ;)Blog

by c0urier on 20-07/2012 with 0 comments

We’ve been optimizing the site from front to back, trying to implement a new forum (myBB) instead of mingle-forum (very limited forum plugin). But the WordPress to myBB integration is a pain in the b… to say it mildly, but it’s getting there. phpBB to WordPress integration went smoothly.

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