We’ve been optimizing the site from front to back, trying to implement a new forum (myBB) instead of mingle-forum (very limited forum plugin). But the WordPress to myBB integration is a pain in the b… to say it mildly, but it’s getting there. phpBB to WordPress integration went smoothly.
Another thing you might have noticed is, that the page is now running in SSL mode (HTTPs), to give a little more security. We know that IE has some issues, but frankly we don’t care, Firefox and Chrome shows the page perfectly and that’s what counts for us.
The file archive we hosted on http://files.c0urier.net/ has been moved to https://www.c0urier.net/android-files/ we hope all developers we are hosting files for got the memo ;).
If you find any bugs, please let us know in a comment below or use the forum.