Nothing new in this matter yet again had a major break down in their Network. It has started to become unbelievable frustrating that no one can do anything about this company, and unfortunately we are locked to that provider since they own the fiber Network in this City.
I just feel sorry for all the Sub-providers that rent the fiber from ViaEuropa, they are the ones selling solutions to end users like us and also the once that have to listen to all our complaints – While ViaEuropa just sits back and harvest all the money.
As it is right now and for the past week our network capacity has been heavily decreased, instead of having 100/100Mbit (Which should have been 1000/1000Mbit but yeah ViaEuropa cannot afford a new Switch for some reason, my guess they employers have some awesome parties) we now have 10/40Mbit – And what can we do about it? NOTHING. I wonder when this madness will stop, my guess is never – And even thought I’m normally an optimist, this is one of those times I start to doubt it.