Lately it has become a bad habit with network faults at Not only do they do false marketing, but they have no idea on how to manage their network. I know this has been said several times before but it can’t be said enough. Monitoring of their network is an unknown word. I got kicked off the network Saturday morning at 1.41am 01-10-2011, 1 minute after I received an alarm from Pingdom that our sites were down.

Frustrating as this might be, it is impossible for our ISP (Bredband2) to revile any information about this breakdown. All I know is that ViaEuropa has a defect switch somewhere.
I can only recommened all future City-net/BRF’s communities in Sweden to avoid doing fiber/network deals with, 2 breakdown’s within 10 days, first lasted 8.35AM – 11.24AM close to 3 hours and the second one, the one we are experiencing now is still ongoing after 35 hours.

The worst part about this breakdown is that there is no updated information. seems to have closed in the weekends, so we are not even sure they are working on a solution before Monday. Bredband2 our ISP, are not writing it on their page either. This might be because it’s not their fault but they do inform about the breakdown if you call them, but only when the support is open and you are willing to hold in line for 1 hour and 45 minutes. is actually the only ISP that has dared to write something about it, Alltele, T3, Connect2IP etc have no information out what so ever.

Short information:
1: Lost internet connection at 1.41am 01-10-2011
2: Not possible to get any information. Support had closed at that time.
3: Called Bredband2 10.00AM when the support opened was Nr. 15 in Queue. 45 minutes later we got informed that LKF’s network is down due to a faulty switch at
4: Been browsing information on the different ISP’s web-pages in ViaEuropa’s network in Lund, only one that has written something is at 1.19pm (13.19) (12 hours after the breakdown)
5: Tried to call Bredband2 for an update at 5pm (17.00) got kicked off the line at 6pm (18.00) when the support closed.
6: 35hours later at 11.00AM (11.00), I’ve been in queue at Bredband2 for around 1 hours and 45 minutes to see if there is anything new. Nothing new.
7: Just been informed that they do NOT expect the network to come up today either. Earliest tomorrow morning. This means a downtime of over 48hours (2 days).
8: just updated their page – 36hours after the breakdown. That’s what I call quick response when a few thousand users are without internet.

Problem resolved at 04.40 ViaEuropa says. So when can we expect the next breakdown, in 1 week or if we are lucky 10 days as last time. And of course it should be during a weekend where ViaEuropa does NOT work.

This means a complete downtime of a bit over 51 hours or over 2 days.