So only a few more weeks of work, until Morten, Stephan and I will be leaving for Spain. We are all very excited since it’s a long time since any of us has been on a real vacation – So I can guarantee this will become one of the best trips ever.

As the topic states I have finally gotten a new apartment, I will move just a few days before we leave for Spain, which makes my time before the trip pretty messed up. Lot’s of work, moving and then finally vacation. This month I will have around 38 hours of overtime same as the fife days I am working in August will give me 24 hours. So I guess my next two salaries will be pretty nice.

Else life is just as it used to be, a bit stressful but that comes with the jobs. I’m now sitting at working trying to survive this 16 hours shift – Then home sleep a few hours, then Alexander will come for a visit. So it’s just going to be a cosy weekend.

So for those reading have a nice weekend :).