This weekend I will be having Alex again, which is fine with me. Think we will be going out a bit, since the weather is really great out side and the coming days.
Else life is going it’s ways, been working a bit – Yesterday I was at a short meeting regarding a new system that will go in production within a few months, it took around 45 minutes. Afterwards I called one of my friends from Ogame, Pilfinger (Toft), went down to have a look at his Net café.

The net café was really nice, they had really done a great job building it up, and at the same time I had a look at some computer problems they had. We decided to try with a new PSU in one of their machines, since it had a thing with freezing up or getting blue screens. The error message was related to some nVidia stuff, which did not say much. They had already tried driver updates and various versions of beta drivers but without any luck. So the last thing since it happened to all of their machines both nVidia Geforce 8800GTS and 8800GT cards was to test a new PSU.
I have by experience noticed that it does not help to buy cheap PSU’s, since you’ll get all kinds of crazy errors. Let’s hope it fixes their problems as well.
You can visit their net caf̩ at РThey have a really nice environment down there, relaxing corners same as large screens for movies and different consol games like WII.