So the family trip to Germany went just fantastic. It’s amazing how much fun it can be going to family reunions to celebrate birthdays. Firstly a bit of a surprise our Uncle had birthday the day we arrived to Friedrichstadt “Germany”, even though we were only going to go there to celebrate my Grandparents 2x 75 years birthday. But again this of course gave us another reason to drink and have a lot of fun. We actually had so much fun we were not allowed to get through the first part of the eating hall when we had to go there on Saturday for the second celebration.
Friday evening after we had been eating and gotten a few drinks, my cousin my two brothers and I decided to find a discotheque, so we asked the nice bartender at the Hotel where we should go. He suggested a discotheque in Husum called “Nacht Schicht”; we took his advice and went. This was probably one of the best nights I have had in a long time; the discotheque was brilliant and I really how you had to buy drinks etc. When you came in, you had to pay 6€ for the entrance you then received a card where the made stamps on every time you bought a drink, when you left the discotheque you just gave them the card back and received a bill “The bill could not get higher than 30€” which is nice.

The second day, we got a large dinner with around 5 different plates of all kinds of food, mostly seafood which I love so that did not scare me. Afterwards it was drinking time again =D, we really like that in our family ;). And again we went out, though this time it was only me and my little brother since the others were too wasted from the day before “Whips” ;). Well again we were not disappointed by the trip to “Nacht Schicht”; we met some nice girls, that really understood how to dance I don’t think I have a seen anything like it and I was really a blasted dancing with them, even though the made us feel like amateurs. We went home around 5 in the morning and slept a few hours before we headed back to Denmark and further on to Sweden for my sake. So as you can see it was not a boring trip. One thing me and my brother agreed on is we have to go back to Husum one day and party like those nights.

PS: Sweden nor Denmark can compare to Germany when it comes to Discotheques!