I have updated the Gallery, this is a bit geeky stuff so most of you probably don’t care. It’s the before and after pictures of my workplace at DSB IT. (Click Gallery, Private, and there will be two new sections, wupti)

Not much work this month, only around 14 days, which gives me a lot of time to do other stuff. I have agreed with Rannveig to take Alexander this weekend since she is going to get one of her best friends from Iceland for a visit. But I don’t complaint, I love having Alexander here, though we argue a lot about how to pronounce his name. He says it in such a weird way which I really can’t, since he speaks Alexandersk which gives him an advantage hehe. It’s hard for the little dude to Speak, Danish, Icelandic and Swedish – He is a very confused little boy.

Else life is good, looking forward going to Dreamhack together with new same as old friends. As for now, ZybeR, DagX, denully, Qbin and maybe others? Feel free to write me if you’d like to join up with us. For those of you that has no idea what Dreamhack is, visit www.dreamhack.se.

Last but not least, the SP3 for Windows XP seems to full with errors, firstly the TCP thing – Secondly I tried to figure out why my computer kept crashing and it seems like after the installation of SP3 it had corrupted my NTFS file system. But a few hours of work it was working again – For those thinking about upgrading to SP3 – WAIT.
I will keep you posted when I find bug’s, same as solutions for them. Over and out!