So it’s been a while since I wrote last – Well firstly I haven’t had time, due to work. Secondly I’ve been using my time around my family, which I have enjoyed fully, that explains why I haven’t been home for some time.
I have been using a lot of time planning my moving to the new apartment which will probably happen Monday/Tuesday all depending on if the guys who paint the apartment will get done.

Else I will be leaving for Spain the 13th of August and 17 days forward. So I will be back in Sweden again around the 29th. We are 3 persons planning on doing a trip together to buy furniture since we are all on the hunt for our new apartments. Rannveig’s apartment, Morten’s apartment and finally mine, mine is of course nicest ;).
Not much more to say, I will be 100% again in September. Have a continuously nice summer.