Dear community,

WARNING – Before updating your i-MSCP installation, don’t forget to read the errata file WARNING

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of i-MSCP version 1.5.1 (codename Ennio Morricone) that is an hotfix release.

This new version addresses the following issues:


  • Fixed: Can’t call method “isEmpty” on an undefined value when a listener self un-register (iMSCP::EventManager)


  • Added: `onMoveCustomer’ event — Event triggered when a customer is moved to another reseller
  • Added: `onMoveReseller’ event — Event triggered when a reseller is moved to another administrator
  • Enhancement: Adjust target reseller limits/permissions instead of throwing error (Customer assignments feature)
  • Enhancement: Allows to synchronize PHP permissions of specific client (iMSCP_PHPini)
  • Fixed: Several inconsistencies in displaying of statistics data (domain edit interface — reseller UI level)
  • Fixed: Several layout issues regarding statistics (all UI levels)
  • Fixed: Statistics badly calculated due to mixing between assigned and consumed values (admin UI level)
  • Fixed: Exception raised due to wrong SQL query (Customer assignments)
  • Rewritten: Customer and reseller assignments features (admin UI level)


  • New features or minor changes/bugfixes
  • Changes that can affect 3rd-party components (plugins, listener files…)
  • Major changes or important bugfixes


You can download this new version at:

Thank you for choosing i-MSCP.
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