Dear community,

WARNING – Before updating your i-MSCP installation, don’t forget to read the errata file WARNING

We are pleasure to announce the immediate availability of i-MSCP version 1.3.12 which is a maintenance release for the 1.3.x Serie.

This new version addresses the following issues:


  • Fixed: Could not write log files for the Modules::Htaccess module due to possible slash in names
  • Fixed: Missing flush() method to return underlying tied array to immediate-write mode (iMSCP::Config)
  • Fixed: Several encoding issues (wide characters)
  • Fixed: Unless otherwise stated, config object must die when accessing a non-existent parameter (iMSCP::Config)


  • Fixed: Failure when there are wide characters outputted to a filehandle for which utf8 layer is not set
  • Fixed: Possible corruption of server/package configuration files


  • Fixed: Servers::httpd config is loaded too early in


  • Fixed: Usage of rewrite engine for setting up FCGI handlers leads to many troubles (apache2_php_fpm server)
  • Review: Remove any comment and empty lines in production configuration files (Http server impl.)

You can download this new version at:

The i-MSCP team wishes you a Merry Christmas.
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