Yeah we know, this is becoming a bad bad habit – It will probably follow us until we get completely away from The last place we lived it was because of a bad switch we couldn’t get Gigabit and kept getting disconnected, we lived with that for 2 years (several posts about it, do a search here on We moved, all was good, we were able to get Gigabit and here we are again, for the past few weeks, we have lost connection to our network every Friday when ViaEuropa had left the office, coincident? Probably, but.
Now we live in a totally new build area, all new cables, switches etc, and again we have network issues caused by a switch, so we had to call our current ISP ( that rents the net within’s network and they wanted to log on to the switch and see if they could see what was causing it, they were met by this message: “There is an issue with this switch, please do not report this to us, a Sys admin has been contacted”, well brilliant – So how long will we be without internet this time, as of this writing two hours has past and as I could understand on T3, it didn’t seem likely it would be fixed anytime soon.
So again we have to thank for the most unstable network in the world and those Companies planning on building their network based on ViaEuropa’s setup I would strongly advice them not to. It might sound promising, share network, choose what ever ISP, Gigabit etc. But when users like ourselves moving from one location to a brand new and still facing the same problems have to say something about them, don’t it?

Last message from pfSense:
Jan 25 16:06:30 apinger: ALARM: WAN_DHCP( *** down ***
Jan 25 16:06:30 apinger: ALARM: HEGWIPv6(2001:470:27:dee::1) *** down ***
18.30 – And it’s still down.
18.45 – Called again, and they said the switch is now completely unreachable. Eta – Non existing, ViaEuropa has gone home for the weekend.
Jan 25 19:12:11 apinger: alarm canceled: HEGWIPv6(2001:470:27:dee::1) *** down ***
19.12 – Up again, lets see for how long.