Android file-hosting updated. (Updated: 11/04-2015)

Android file-hosting updated. (Updated: 11/04-2015)

All files have been moved to – If you need direct linkes to the files please contact me, either via a comment in this thread or via a Forum post. All files are still available.

Some requests:
HTC Desire (Neophyte)
Reflex S 2.1.7 LITE CM7 GingerBread Sense 2.1
Reflex S 2.1.7 LITE GingerBread_Sense 2.1
Reflex S 2.1.9 LITE CM7_GingerBread_Sense 2.1
Reflex_S 2.1.9 LITE GingerBread_Sense 2.1
Official Stock Sense Gingerbread_v1.2
Stock v1.1 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Sense-2.1
Stock v1.1 Lockscreen-3.0 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Sense-2.1

Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100):
Illusion xT v1.8.0 – ST@-i9100-XWLA4-2.3.6 –
Illusion xT v1.8.0 – ST@-SGH-777-XWLA4-2.3.6 –

Samsung Galaxy SIII (i9300):
HydRx-D v2.3.0 XXELLC – SGS3 i9300-JZO54K-JB 4.1.2 –
HydRx-D v2.4.0 XXEMA2 – SGS3 i9300-JZO54K-JB 4.1.2 –

If you have any suggestions to further improvements, feel free to drop a comment below or drop me a mail.