Has released a new version, we are now up to 1.4.7. This is both a client and server release – Due to this our server will be restarted within the next hour to apply the update.

Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
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ChangeLog 1.4.7 VoiceChatter.org:
VoiceChatter client configuration is now stored in your Windows user’s directory. Your current configuration will be automatically and silently moved/imported. This is to fix an issue where configuration wasn’t being properly saved if you don’t run VoiceChatter as admin.
Plugins can now be enabled while connected to a server
Using the database backend for server configuration will now be tolerant to being briefly disconnected from the database server.

Furthermore the team behind Voice Chatter stated that they will be implementing a new and better codec that will improve both the voice quality and the latency. Therefor they will skip the 1.4 brand and go directly to 1.5.

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