, my nemesis. You can always count on them to fail, and fail they do badly to often and then again. I have no words, other then if I was the CEO, CTO or whatever at ViaEuropa I would be ashamed. Honestly I think 85% of the employees should consider a career change, they should find something they were actually good at, because running/being a network carrier, is not one of them.

I have been sitting and following the lousy information on there page (
1) They wrote about the error at ~ 09.10. (Correct time of fault was 08.35)
2) They wrote the problem was solved at 10.00. (Correct time of solution was at 11.24)

I know it looks good to the public that they try to appear to be quick at fixing problems, but when the facts are not correct it really sucks they try to appear better then what they are.

So to just shortly sum things up.
c0urier.NET services was down from 08.35 – 11.24 due to a fault in Network.
ViaEuropa claimed that the downtime only lasted til 10.00, false.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused our users.