Has released a new version, we are now up to 1.5.0. This is both a client and server release – Due to this our server will be restarted within the next hour to apply the update.
It’s mandatory that you update the client software, since the server will be establishing secure connections between the client and server.

Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
[download id=”33″ format=”2″]

ChangeLog 1.5.0 VoiceChatter.org:
VoiceChatter 1.5.0 has been released! VoiceChatter is now fully secure!
The details:
All communication between client and server is now encrypted
Added the option to use the CELT audio codec
Moved GUI layouts to the wxWidgets’ XRC format, allowing users to customize their client if desired
Fixed an issue where assigning multiple users into/out-of groups could only be done 4 at a time
Fixed tab key traversing in main screen
Please note that old 1.4.x clients will not be able to connect to 1.5.x servers, HOWEVER, 1.5.x clients CAN connect to 1.4.x servers (but encryption will not be used)

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