I’ve always been a fan of open software no reason for hiding that. Recently I was sitting and browsing for an alternative for CPUID Hardware Monitor, it has really been troubling me that it wasn’t able to save my settings so I thought it was about time to look for something else.

I did a quick search on Google and fourth place on the ranking was OpenHardwareMonitor.org. Downloaded the lovely piece of software, ran it and got filled with joy. It looks exactly like CPUID Hardware monitor the free version, just with all the features of the pro version and it’s FREE. I tested if it would save my settings and of course it would. It even has a Widget feature to show information directly on your desktop. Furthermore you have the possibility to rename your sensors. This is probably the quickest search I’ve done so far and found excatly what I was looking for.

Big thumbs up for the guys at OpenHardwareMonitor.org.

Download: [download id=”30″ format=”2″]

Visit them at www.OpenHardwareMonitor.org