Has released a new version, we are now up to 1.4.4 with MySQL support. It is not necessary for you who are using Version 1.4.x to upgrade to 1.4.4, but it’s highly recommended.

We had decided to skip version 1.4.3 due to some bugs when converting to database support from config files. But lucky us, a fast bug report and the devs at Voice Chatter made a quick an painless fix.

It seems like they are doing a lot of improvements making Voice-Chatter backwards compatible, which of course ease it a lot for the users.

Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
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ChangeLog 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 VoiceChatter.org:
Version 1.4.4
-Fixed a critical bug that could result in configuration data loss

Version 1.4.3
-Added the ability to store the server configuration in a database (MySQL only for now, but can be easily expanded to others)
-Modified some of the server privileges for finer control
-Improved feedback when auto-reconnecting to a server
-Added a stack trace dump if there is a crash
-Restructured some code to make it easy to use the VC protocol in external applications
-Added ability to bind the server to a hostname in addition to an IP address

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