Has released a new version, we are now up to 1.4.2-BETA with some new improvements. It is not necessary for you who are using Version 1.4.x to upgrade to 1.4.2-BETA, but it’s highly recommended.
We’ve decided to try to keep our server up to date with the releases Voice-Chatter.org comes with, this means we will go with Beta versions also.

It seems like they are doing a lot of improvements making Voice-Chatter backwards compatible, which of course ease it a lot for the users.

Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
[download id=”22″ format=”2″]

A small list with updates from VoiceChatter.org:
# Added ability to search the server’s logs from the client
# Added “hostadmin” user, which has some special abilities.

* The hostadmin user can only be used through the remote admin interface
* The hostadmin user can only be accessed from a specific list of IP addresses
* The hostadmin user’s password cannot be changed without manually editing the server configuration and restarting the server (same goes for renaming the “hostadmin” user)
* The hostadmin user can change the max slot count and voice codec of the server

# The remote admin interface now requires a username along with a password, and operations will be restricted to the permissions of the user
# Added the ability for users to change their own password
# URLs are filtered out of text-to-speech in chat

# Also, I have upgraded to Visual Studio 2010! Unfortunately, the SAPI test-to-speech interface on Windows does not compile with Visual Studio 2010, so support for that has been removed until a solution can be found.

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