Has released their 1.4.1 version with some small bug fixes. It is not necessary for you who are using Version 1.4.0 to upgrade to 1.4.1, but it’s highly recommended.
They release this version almost a month ago but we decided not to upgrade since we did not really suffer from the issues they mention in the bug fix list they came with. We upgraded our server today, since there was not many users only. It’s running stable, the upgrade took around 20 seconds haha.

Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
[download id=”21″ format=”2″]

A bug fix list from VoiceChatter.org:
# Some of the elements of the right click menu for your own phantom have been properly grayed out
# Fixed a server crash when someone tries to page their own phantom (this option is now grayed out in the client as well)
# Fixed the ability to click on URLs in the chat window

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