Has released their version 1.4 version with a lot of improvements same as some nice new features. It has only been in beta stage for a very short time before the final release.
Thumps up for the guys developing VoiceChatter.org!

Click below to download:
[download id=”19″ format=”2″]

A short new/fix list from VoiceChatter.org:
# Added URL handling so that you can click on URLs like this to connect to VoiceChatter servers
# Added private messaging
# Added phantoms (listening/talking in more than one channel at once)
# Optimized audio code to reduce CPU usage while idle
# Added “default channel” server setting, which is the channel where newly-connected clients will show up
# Added Windows Service support to Windows VC Server. You can now add VC as Windows services so that they will run at startup.
# Fixed an issue where clients would be immediately switched back to the idle channel after leaving it
# Fixed the option to make text chat be spoken by text-to-speech
# You can now create a phantom in the channel that you’re currently in
# Closing phantoms very quickly will now properly…well…close the phantoms

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