img HLSW has released a new version of their famous Game launcher. They’ve now reached version which has a lot of new features same as some bug fixes. I personally like the feature where you now can take ownership of the server you’re owning/hosting.

This is what they wrote about the new release.
After nearly 10 years of development HLSW has reached a distinctive version, v1.3.3.7! For our more computer literate , 1337 is the epitome of leetspeak which is often used to establish a border between the 1337 and the humble n00b. HLSW is now proud to say we have crossed this border and we are one above the rest.

So with this milestone of maturity was the priority for the new HLSW version to contain less new features, but instead focus upon primarily performance and stability improvements. We have however added support for additional information for all gameME monitored game servers, this additional information includes (but is not limited to) Steam ID, country, team and gameME rank.

Furthermore, Urban Terror is now embedded as an individual game and users who have registered their ownership of their servers through the website will be displayed within the server information panel.

Finally, all additional changes are listed within the changelog.

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Download: [download id=”23″ format=”2″]

To view the full changelog visit – Changelog