So while I was going through the page I thought it was about time to update the download section a bit. I removed two old and not used applications and added two new once.

Now there is a new category called Media, which has these three applications added:
[download id=”13″ format=”2″]
[download id=”14″ format=”2″]
[download id=”15″ format=”2″]

What to tell about them:
Firstly: VLC Player, probably the best standalone media player around, no one can really match up to it if you ask me.
2nd: XBMC, well do I need to say anything about it – Rock solid Media center software, havent found anything that come near it – It support almost all operating systems, Mac, Linux, Wintendo. What is more surprising it even plays compressed files “Awesome”.
3rd: XP Codec Pack, this is a pack which has all the most used codec’s around so you are able to play almost every movie format existing.

Hope you’ll enjoy these apps as much as I do.

More info can be found at their webpages:
VideoLAN – VLC Player
XBMC – Media Center