I have just gotten back from Dreamhack summer, which is the largest LAN party in the world. This has been a brilliant event yet again spend with some very good friends – Though we didn’t share all the same interests like CS 1.6, Source and a lot of other FPS games it was quite fun. We saw some amazing things like Mushkin breaking the world record in Overclocking, same as ASUS trying to follow up on that.
Link: World record

Else there were a lot of different competitions like CS 1.6, Source, and WC3 etc. We did not participate in any of them due to the lack of players.

SK won the ESCW and MYM wins WEG in CS 1.6!
Info about Dreamhack:
– Amount of people in the summer event 2008; 7.500 People
– Network capacity: 40 Gbit main line, and 10 Gbit in Backup.

This is what I have to say for now, take care.
Edit: Pictures will come in the nearest future!

For the geeks I will post some facts about the network just in short:
Access switches:
~ 275 x Zyxel ES-3024
~ 70 x Zyxel ES-2024
~ 90 x Cisco 3500XL
~ 30 x Cisco 2950G
Distribution switches:
– 3 x Cisco WS-C4948-10G
Core routers:
– 5 x Cisco 7600 Series router
– 1 x Cisco CRS-1.
Internet access:
– 40Gigabit primary
– 10Gigabit redundant
– ipv4:
– ipv6: 2001:2040:3000::/48