The final version of DD-WRT v24 has been released today. It seems like the last few RC’s have been stable which just makes me believe more in the final.
The new features added in v24 are extremely nice here is a list:
Virtual SSIDs, Virtual DHCP-Servers, PPTP over WAN enhancements, Bridging + VLAN support, VDSL Support, OLSR-Routing / Freifunk, My Ad Network (powered by AnchorFree), Quaqqa instead of Bird (in X86 + Xscale default), PPPOE-Server, EOIP-Tunnel, Network configuration enhancements, UP-Downstream (QOS), New Packet Scheduler HFSC, Save & Apply, extended DDNS options, extended status information, New Languages.

For those of you that have no idea what DD-WRT are, it’s a different kind of firmware for your Router which gives you a lot of improvements and enhancements. You can visit DD-WRT at