All files have been moved to – If you need direct linkes to the files please contact me, either via a comment in this thread or via a Forum post. All files are still available.

Some requests:
HTC Desire (Neophyte)
Reflex S 2.1.7 LITE CM7 GingerBread Sense 2.1 GRI40_A2SD
Reflex S 2.1.7 LITE GingerBread_Sense 2.1 GRI40_A2SD+
Reflex S 2.1.9 LITE CM7_GingerBread_Sense 2.1 GRI40_A2SD
Reflex_S 2.1.9 LITE GingerBread_Sense 2.1 GRI40_A2SD
Official Stock Sense Gingerbread_v1.2 GB-2.3.3_A2SD
Stock v1.1 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Sense-2.1 GRI40_A2SD
Stock v1.1 Lockscreen-3.0 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Sense-2.1 GRI40_A2SD

Samsung Galaxy SII (i9100):
Illusion xT v1.8.0 – ST@-i9100-XWLA4-2.3.6 –
Illusion xT v1.8.0 – ST@-SGH-777-XWLA4-2.3.6 –

Samsung Galaxy SIII (i9300):
HydRx-D v2.3.0 XXELLC – SGS3 i9300-JZO54K-JB 4.1.2 –
HydRx-D v2.4.0 XXEMA2 – SGS3 i9300-JZO54K-JB 4.1.2 –

During the last few months I’ve done some changes to the way Android files are being showed to the public. This has been done to be able to keep track of the amount of files downloaded and how well peak times are handled. During these changes I found a quite serious problem with mod-spdy an Apache module, this module caused an Apache process to take up to 4 GB of memory, which quickly made the web-server struggle serving content to the users. Content was still served but everything got put in queue and all the SWAP space on the server was used. The module has been disabled and now the files are flying out to the users again, without problems, even in peak times.
Now for the relocation of files, this is the last time it will be changed, the files can be found here (with shortlinks):
etc etc.
If you have any suggestions to further improvements, feel free to drop a comment below or drop me a mail.