Ministry of Sound – Malmö 2008

That’s probably one of the most awesome nights ever, almost as good as Husum Germany ;). The music was better, but the Dancers in Germany rock way more than the Swedish “wannabe’s”.

Well the set of DJ’s was brilliant in combination with the almost 5.000 people; they had split the discotheque up very nicely so there was a lot of space for different genres.

– DJ Choose
– Michael Splint
– Michael Parsberg
– Kris O’Neil

– Laidback Luke
– Ian Carey
– Stonebridge

So today I just have to live with the hangovers while being at work, shit – Don’t think I have ever felt this bad, well I might have but those days I didn’t have to do anything.

Else nothing much has been going on, not looking forward for tomorrow when I have a 16 hours shift and afterwards I have to pick up Alexander. It’s going to be a bit rough but I think we’ll manage.