New apartment maybe?

New apartment maybe?

So it’s been a while since last. Some things have happened though 🙂

I have been looking at new apartments, actually some very nice ones. On Tuesday I will go and look at one of them, it seems to be the right one; the area is perfect of Alexander. It’s close to the forest which he really loves, same as it is completely renovate in 2007. Same as it is closer to work, not much but still enough to make me be able to sleep 30-60 minutes more in the mornings.

At work things are really great, as mentioned in an earlier blog we got new laptops, and soon we will start upgrading our old Plasma screen to new LCD’s same as we will get a Media Center and new computers. A designer has been our and together with my Colleague Thomas they have made some designs about how they should look and which features should be build in to them (ex. USB hubs, docking stations etc).

Dreamhack is also closing in, for those of you that has no idea what it is, it’s the biggest LAN (Computer party) in the world. Each year the break some kind of record in Guinness records. This summer is going to another breaking event, since they have had to open many more areas to make space for all the people, this has never happened in their summer event before. Though it’s probably not going to be as big as the winter event where you often see around 10.000 people.

Not much has been going on else, will keep you posted when something exciting happens ;).